Friday, April 30, 2010

Selling My [He]Art, Again...

"Purple Reign" bracelet T.Allen-Mercado

Tomorrow, I'm downtown-bound again; soon, I'll be dolled up, packed up and headed out to my very first trunk show. Today was pricing day, which always makes me feel a bit "dirty". Odd as it seems, I find it easier to give away little bits of my Self with each piece, than sell them. But, the birdies quickly remind me of that little...hush Joe- shopping habit of mine, and understand, yes?

I'm filled with the usual anxiety and excitement which precedes the selling of my [he]art. "Will they like me, will they like my pieces, will I do well, will I meet and exceed my always super high expectations?" Followed, by the, "Why do I do this to myself", and of course the, "Duh, 'cause you're an artist and if you didn't well, then you'd be doing something completely unrewarding and thinking, why did I do this to myself?!"

On the bright side, I'll meet more of my fabulous customers, who I only get a chance to meet in-person on these rare, downtown junkets. I have to admit, it feels almost surreal, meeting these people who-just like me-(although probably not quite as bad) go giddy for pretties: fidgeting for their debit cards and crumpled cash to get their retail fix. It totally outweighs the butterfly-belly madness which precedes it. Either that, or the happy butterflies cancel out the nervous ones, the verdict is still out on that one. I'll have to fill you all in upon my return, with lots of pics. I hope you all have plans for a fabulous weekend.

Peace and love


Emma's Mom said...

Oooo. Can't wait to see! I'm sure you will make many ladies mighty happy.

Angelique said...

That is gorgeous!!! Wish I was someone close to shop at the trunk sell.

mairedodd said...

best luck today! i don't need to tell you that your art represents your Self and so we get all tangled up in the validation that comes with people liking or disliking it... truth - it is beautiful - now go into the world, your open and fabulous self and just enjoy being around people who are there out of admiration or interest... they are interested in the creator - and how lucky they are to get to meet you!

A Cuban In London said...

I smiled at the 'dirty' bit because that's the dilemma for many good artists. But, hey, one must live! And put food on the table! :-)

Thanks for your contribution to the debate about feminism. The last bit of your comment touched on a very delicate issue for me: booty power. Power? Well, as a black person, my honest opinion is that there's an unconscious devaluation of the black female body. And I don't care whether that comes across as patronising or not. Just like it happened with the 'n' word (which I've never liked), the same's been happening with the hip-hop and rap world and the female performers in them.

Many thanks and wish you luck in your sale today.

Greetings from London.

High Desert Diva said...

Glad you had a good weekend.

Quiskaeya said...

I read what a fabulous event it I know the butterfly-belliness can be kicked in the youknowwhat. The nerve of her to surface causing you to think the trunk show would be anything but fab! Good for you going for what you love. I love, love it. Do you.

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