Sunday, May 3, 2009

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The year: 1988

Yesterday, Jordan went to the senior prom. (I won! Details and gorgeous photos to follow.) All of the planning got me to thinking...

You see, if I'd gone to prom, I certainly would have skipped the taffeta and uncomfortable Dyeables shoes. Not for practical reasons, but because I had to be different. Y'know the only thing teenagers have in common is being (read:thinking) they're different.

And the music, no slow dancing for me, this was actually one of my favorite songs the summer of 1988. I don't think Joe liked it very much, but it was in constant the point where the audio (Gah, an actual cassette) was garbled just at the starting point of the song from repeated rewinding.

Future plans? I wanted-rather, was determined to be Tiggi Clay, a black 80's new wave ensemble signed to a now defunct subsidiary of Motown. Anyone else ever heard of Tiggi Clay?! Yvonne? I later went on to dual major in Biology/Psychology, certainly not for practical reasons...but well, y'know to be different!

What was your prom or unprom like?

Shutter Click & Chat 5/10:

What's new?! Show me something, someone new in your life. I've been gone a while and I'd like to get caught up on what's new with you!

Note: I am blogging from a foreign computer, sorry about the absence of Mr. Linky...I'll be visiting everyone soon.



fly tie said...

hey, i feel ya on that. for one of the proms i attended i wore a dress the same length of that one pictured. for the other, the dress was a stark contrast from what seniors were "supposed" to wear.

and no, i hadn't heard of tiggi clay before now.

looking forward to those pics!

Cecile/DreamCreateRepeat said...

That was the year my second child was born.... ; )

I have always liked that song, though!

Yvonne said...

Oh, girl you got me on the tigge clay. I was more of the Depeche Mode, Motels, fishbone, Midnight oil type of girlie. I did check out the video and it is SO 80's, but I dig it.

Love watching the video from Midnight Oil. Thanks for sharing and I'm sure if you did go to prom you would've ROCKED IT!!!!!

Oh, yeah...I so rocked the taffeta. Dont hate!!

Sandra said...

OMG, 80's dancing! I also like that song, but my only child was 14 in 1988. I guess I still like that song. And I have heard of Tigge Clay. : ) I follow Jules, so I found you from the I Am. Very good answer.

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