Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Coming Up Roses...I Mean Daisies

"To the world you may be one person,
but to one person you may be the world".

Today began with the imminent threat of disaster, we were out of coffee! Favorite guy quickly intercepted with a trip to the store where he also scored the gorgeous bright orange Gerbera daisies you see above. I didn't hit the yoga mat, as much as I wanted (and needed) to, I just couldn't get up the drive. I do however, still have tomorrow since the leftover Chinese went over without incident. In all, today was a much clearer, forward-thinking day than yesterday. I'm proud of myself. Any deviation from "The Plan" generally brings on a toddler-like primal emotional response, and that didn't happen. No groaning, no pouting, if I could manifest the thoughts and emotion in physical reaction, I'd say I straightened my crumpled collar, gently brushed errant hairs from my eyes and rather assertively walked away. I feel good, very good.

Ending relationships has that same dichotomy of trauma and triumph that I experienced with the wretched, rectum-altering experience that is natural childbirth. Relationships grow and grow and grow, and almost inevitably you reach a point where the two of you intrinsically know it's time to separate. What ensues is an agonizing, expletive-laden process of pushing and pulling. Ultimately, you're torn apart and with one last deep breath and guttural vociferation, you've a new beginning.

Relationships are complex, sensibilities-cannibalizing drags for introverts. Much like growing teeth, and the presence of pinkies, they are evolutionary glitches. At once uncomfortable and unnecessary, but we're stuck with them. With that all figured out, I leave you the morsel above and a reminder that quality trumps quantity. Peace.


Kiandra said...

you hit straight on...quality is better than quantity.

i'm in no way an introvert..i talk way to much to even say that word and my name in the same sentence...yet i'm very "hermit-ish" i like my space, i like to be alone with my thoughts and myself. i'm private.

and relationships....or shall i say friendships are becoming harder...cause as quality fades...quantity rises...and i don't do or care for the poor quality.

ending friendships...the more i do it...the more i don't want any friends...take my significant other...his friend count? 4. me, the kids and his mother. but hey he's happy, content...and proud to be an introvert...as our years together increase i see more and more of him in me. maybe we were never that different to begin with?

threemuses said...

Coffee and flowers... what a man. :-)

Walk in the Woods said...

I adore your expression - what you choose to express, how you express it, the words you choose and the amazing balance of light and dark. :)

Peace back atcha.

fly tie said...

what a great quote at the beginning.

and i'm gonna have to quote kiandra on this. she pretty much sums up my stance perfectly:

"....or shall i say friendships are becoming harder...cause as quality fades...quantity rises...and i don't do or care for the poor quality."

exactly. and more importantly for me, i don't have the *energy* to engage in such relationships.

kudos for having a smooth, forward-thinking day after coming out of one that wasn't so much so. i, on the other hand, had it pretty rough (mentally...over thinking things) yesterday, but feel so good today. it's like a rebirth.

excellent post...nicely constructed.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

u know i love flowers

A Cuban In London said...

Well, did you put some James Brown on, then? :-)

Relationships are hard work and never easy to come by. I would not like to 'be stuck' with someone. I feel very lucky to be married to a wonderful person, who also happens to be a wonderful mother and that makes me satisfied. But, it is hard work. No doubt.

Greetings from London.

High Desert Diva said...

Oh boy does that last paragraph ever resonate.

Brilliant post

radcow said...


Mekhismom said...

I really enjoy your writing. And I too have found that sometimes it is best to just walk away.

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