Monday, August 4, 2008

The Anniversary Booty!

Thanks for all of your sage words and well wishes, we had a great weekend and today is looking good too. Now for the anniversary booty:

Favorite guy and I are the cool NEW! owners of these magical micro studs from Cherry Creek Designs on Etsy. Not only is Heather a talented artisan, but she is local; right here in Arizona.

This is the project that almost cost me my wings. So, the pic in the center that is a scanned image of our marriage license; our yellowing, cracking, very sad looking license. (Get with the archival papers and inks please.) Well, I scanned it and fused it to a most lovely tea stained linen, stitched some other lovely patches of fabric with niceties about love on them and just as I was stitching it into the folder I designed to house it, the sewing machine jammed, I cursed mashed the pedal and broke the needle. I digress, so the pic in the center is a scanned image of our license flipped in Picnik and printed on the reverse side of some pretty awesome leftover vellum that my cats hadn't chewed the corners of. Joe loved it anyway!

More goodies: The vintage figurine was another Etsy purchase. Joe and I are 70's kids so this was quite an exciting find. Just below her is my gorgeous crystal bee from the coolest little Antiques mall in Phoenix. Favorite guy bought me some fancy sunflowers too. Don't you just love the macro? And, this bee print was another Antiques mall lovely. There are a few nicks in the frame that I can sand and stain, but otherwise it's a fine addition my workspace.

All in all we really had it all before the dining and shopping, but goodies are fun. Again, thanks for all of your well wishes and heartfelt words of advice. Peace.


High Desert Diva said...

Your title made me laugh. Great booty!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

yeaa, good for u, u deserve it

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