Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Letter

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August 30, 2009

Dear Perfection, She types and wonders if this will be a good-ahem, I mean a most excellent post.

You and I, we've been at this thing for far too long. Surely in those earlier formative years, you led me to see my full potential; godspeed, pushing me beyond my comfort zone academically and socially, only to now become a paralyzing hindrance.

You see, "Idea" doesn't like you; you create seemingly insurmountable obstacles for her with great frequency. You know that way you do what you do, you and your minions "Anxiety" and "Doubt". And, you know what else, I bet it was you, way back when, you invited "Depression" into our lives with deliberation and total disregard for her lack of hospitality. What a wretched guest! She has surely overstayed her welcome here. My family doesn't like her-well the ones who acknowledge her presence; they like to tip-toe about minimizing both the presence and perilous impact of the pachydermatous one. How do I feel about her? Well, that simply goes without saying- of course, when she's here I don't do very much talking, I don't do very much of anything.

And "Art", sighs and sulks-"Art" and I, we...well we're in love, "Perfection". And, you just don't understand a love like ours...because...well, it is based on this intrinsic connection that we two share. There's a symbiosis in the way she and I move and breathe, think and connect, one which exists and flourishes in spite of your objective stranglehold. We will continue to be together and we will bring forth great things from this blissful union which lovingly includes "Idea", "Happiness", and even "Abandon"-on rare occasion. There, I said it! Cleansing breath. Are you okay? 'Cause, I'm okay...I actually feel pretty damn good. I certainly hope you're okay though, because...well, before you completely back off, I'm gonna need your discerning eye for a moment whilst I tweeze my brows.

What's in your mental out-box today?

Inner peace

PS: I spell-checked about 4 times and re-read 4 more than that. How ironic it would be to denounce "Perfection" in a most imperfect display; surely she'd think me reprehensible.


shibori girl said...

Oh, Perfection and I are well-aquainted, that pushy, nagging wench!

My Grandmother used to teach to do hand-sewing and if it wasn't Perfect, I had to rip it out and do it again. I have spent the last half of my life trying to loosen up and shake Perfection, and the battle goes on.

I had a teacher once who told me "if I look at what you've done, and it looks fine from three miles away as I ride a galloping horse, it'll do".

That was a VERY freeing thought, and one I recall each time I ponder taking out a mistake or to just let it be.

I hope it works for you too!



Diva Ma @ Mommy Fabulous said...

I was never the perfectionist type, but I married a man who was in LOVE with her. My years of being married to him have caused me to introduce her to my children and expect them to become well-aquainted.

mairedodd said...

wow... well, because this can either be short and sweet or a tome of my own, this was a beautiful, revealing, enlightening post written so much by you or 'i' and 'art' with some of 'abandon' thrown in... another very deep connection... with appreciation and warmth, i thank you again...

Vivi said...

What a great letter! I should write one too. And maybe send some love letters to forgiveness and risk and surprise - they aren't the biggest fans of perfection (I wish the comment section had spell check, by the way)> :)

Jewelry Rockstar said...

Hilarious!!! love it. Tell perfection off, she keeps me in lots of trouble because I sometimes tear up people looking for her in them:(

Execumama said...

I love this! Letters freakin rock! My 1st book started out as a letter to myself, and turned into an entire book. I love that you got all up in Perfection's face to let it know the real deal about itself and its homies. Good for you. I'm glad it didn't haul off and try to get "buck" with you either, because Art would've regulated, real quick! I'm also impressed with your rather civilized approach. I chin-checked perfection a few years ago, and when it came back, I went West-side (think NWA) style on it, and now I'm (mostly) kicking it with Actualization and Realized Potential, while Perfection watches from the other side of the street trying to get my attention.

Shannon said...

Giving perfection the boot really is a good move on anyone's part! I have struggled with it for EVER! Since having kids, I have let go of some of my perfectionism, but I think it's like a drug... you never can kick it all the way out of your life.. it's always there, in the back of your mind trying to grab hold! :)

A Cuban In London said...

Just back from my fantastic holidays in Spain and doing my usual blog round. It's so nice to see that the good quality has not diminished one bit. Many thanks for your fantastic post.

Greetings from London.

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