Sunday, August 2, 2009

Looking Forward

Breathes deeply and smiles. Well, all of our summer celebrations are done as of tomorrow. Thanks, all of you-my dear blog friends, for your kind and congratulatory comments. It's now time to set business and learning goals for the remainder of the year. Which is actually quite nice; I enjoy this brief period of relative normalcy before the brouhaha of holidays comes around.

Things are changing so rapidly; this year, I have one student, Jordan begins his college career this fall. Shudder. The label's expanding in new directions; increased demand for creativity there, as well as my writing projects (Moms of Hue, Tea & Honey Zines and, one TBA). We're still adding personal touches to our new place and learning to build upward versus outward to maximize space. And, somehow with all of this in front of me, it just feels normal. I guess the business of building and creating is my "thing".

I spent nearly a decade doing much of the same with a great deal more recognition and a nice amount of money-can't say that I ever looked forward to it though. I think the best part of getting older is unapologetically being and subsequently doing what you love. So, tell me, what's your "thing" that you love?

Peace sans apology


ajgallion said...

One thing I love is drooling over magazines like Metropolitan Home and Dwell, imagining living in some cool modern prefab home. The other thing I like is to jog with my music and breathing as the soundtrack. Of course, giving my kids mushy, mushy kisses and tickling spasms, LOL. (Was I supposed to write that I loved to read, too, since I'm an English teacher?)

Shannon said...

I LOVE photography... just discovered in the past couple of years, but improving and learning something new everyday! :)

lori vliegen said...

i love....just about everything! and i love that i finally feel that i don't have to choose....i just try to work it all in! :)

fly tie said...

i do love design and sewing but have an ever greater love for showing/teaching/sharing information.

employable read. i admire your organization.

A Cuban In London said...

I totally agree with you on getting older and doing whatever takes your fancy. Wish you luck in all your projects.

Greetings from London.

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