Saturday, August 22, 2009

Moms of Hue

As many of my regular readers are aware, motherhood is one of the many hats I wear. In that role, I write weekly articles about parenting and more specifically parenting from the perspective of a woman of color over at Moms of Hue.

I understand at times, we- myself included are turned off by anything that boasts racial specificity or deems itself otherwise exclusionary. However, I would encourage my blog readers and others to see beyond those barriers and willfully familiarize themselves with the diversity that exists within humanity; there is indeed great strength in education.

Below is a header excerpted from my current article and a link to the post in its entirety. I'd appreciate it if you all would stop in and weigh in on ways you have either experienced, or have been educated by my post or others on the rigors of hueism within communities of color.

I am a dark-skinned woman, and while my complexion has never knowingly stopped me from attaining any pre-set goals, I am aware of its stigma. From Bollywood to Hollywood and all stops in between, romantic leading ladies are generally fair to medium hued. To that end, leading men of sinister or otherwise sub-par moral character are darker hued. You do remember the darkening of OJ Simpson’s mug shot for the Time magazine cover brouhaha, yes? A couple weeks ago, I was made privy to the other side of hueism, as it relates to mixed people of color. [...continue reading here]

Peace and enlightenment


mairedodd said...

very significant topic and one that deserves attention for the sociological & psychological impact it makes... how much more complex and subtle is the judging by hue vs. the (also incredibly ignorant) judging on a more general level ... why people feel the need to simplify/generalize in order to understand by sight, instead of understanding with their open minds is beyond me... i get why in earlier times humans devised stories to explain natural phenomena, but in this day and age, it is just so unacceptable... ignorance is not bliss, it is destructive...

Dina said...

Extremely relevant and very well written piece.(I left a comment) Thank you for the gentle nudge to tune in. I'll be there from now on.

Jhon said...

It is just so unacceptable... ignorance is not bliss, it is destructive...

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