Sunday, January 18, 2009

Take Two

Shutter Click & Chat 1/18:
Your America: The Good, The Bad and, The Ugly

"I remember Marvin Gaye used to sing to me he had me feeling like Black was the thing to be."
~Tupac Shakur

A reviewer once referred to Tea & Honey Bread as, "A Black blog where everything isn't about Blackness". That's how I see Obama's presidency. Moreover, the timing of his inauguration as it falls just days after Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday. In the same way we cheer for the teams of our Alma maters' and hometowns'; this election is a win for the team of those who dared to pray, dream, hope and believe in change.

These last two photos show, our work isn't over.

Have a wonderful week!


A Cuban In London said...

I'm looking forward to Tuesday even though I am in GB. Thansk for such a thoughtful post and wonderful images.

Greetins from London.

Cecile/DreamCreateRepeat said...

There will always be work to do, but it will be an easier load if we all share the load with respect and love! Thanks for the picures and the post (and glad the techie gliches are solved!)

Yvonne said...

This is such a huge event for our country, but I agree it's shouldn't be a black or white thing. It's an American thing and since we don't live in a completely homogenous society it was bound to happen that someone of color would hold the highest office of the land.

Times are ch-ch-ch-changing!!

Claire said...

Hooray for change, hooray for Obama, hooray for what might be if we wake up and pull together for the common good. Love your blog.

Ms. Bar B: said...

"Although it seems heaven sent we ain't ready to have a Black president" - Tupac Shakur

Boy, what would Tupac say today?

His shaved head and silver rimmed glasses would probably be visible in DC right now. He'd no doubt have penned some serious poetry that would put words to your image. His "verbal penetration" has been some of the best.

I have been such a Shutter Click & Chat Sunday slacker =(. I pledge to do better!

Catherine said...

Tuesday will be such a historic Obama!!

High Desert Diva said...

No...our work definitely isn't over.

I cannot wait for Tuesday. I'm so excited for a fresh start!

My {S.T.U.F.F.} :: said...

...ditto Ms Bar B
{loudly & clearly}.

Libby Buttons said...

Seems that is life. Taking steps forward and backward at the same time. For every positive a new negative. For every correction there is yet another needing correction. The best part of life is the positives out weighing the negatives. I hope and pray Obama succeeds and all the world follows.
P.S. This is a BLACK Blog??? Why didn't someone tell me? hehehe

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

I love, love, love this post. As usual you are profound and beautiful and I am just so happy to count you among my friends.

High Desert Diva said...

What's the theme for tomorrow???

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