Sunday, January 11, 2009

Shutter Click & Chat 1/11

I'm an American Idol and I'm Going to Hollywood, Baby!

Okay, Cool Kids, as I mentioned last week; I am perversely intrigued by American Idol and have been since season one. I watch, I comment, I judge, I vote and, I threaten to stop watching every time someone I kinda, sorta worship gets eliminated. Admission is the first step.

So, without further ado, here is what I'd wear to my audition had I been a decade younger, and $300 richer: Earrings; Pretty in Peace- Dress; Dear Delight - Boots; Enzo Angiolini

And, this is what I'd sing If I was half the chanteuse I think I am after a 6-pack of the fine lager whilst strutting my kinda-flabby-work-in-progress-mom-stuff across the kitchen floor. (Alice Smith is all about it, and he's cute in my "artist-dude-groupie-way", so ignore the poorly timed recording and just listen, mmkay?)

And Simon Cowell, the stallion that he is- after a case of the fine lager, whilst strutting my kinda-flabby-work-in-progress-mom-stuff across the kitchen floor, would send me to Hollywood; after a few sips of whatever that happy ass Paula Abdul is having!

Now, I know some of you are shy, but bring it. It's my party and everybody is going to Hollywood! Who cares if we're waiting tables. Winks.

Shutter Click & Chat 1/18: A Piece of Your American Pie

Next week, 1/18: I think we need to take this party to the Inaugural Ball-Show me a piece of your America. I'll take the good, the bad and the ugly. Hmm...



Jewelry Rockstar said...

Love Alice Smith! I could listen to good music on youtube all day. I would sing Aretha 'Baby, I love You"

I've been singing this to my husband since 1992.

shiborigirl said...

OK, you'd win with huge style points just with those boots alone! (I don't mean if you JUST wore the boots - although maybe that would do the trick?)

Good luck with the audition... I'll be watching.



Cecile/DreamCreateRepeat said...

I'm right with you, darlin'. Rocking my (adopted) Southern Hippie Chick style....

Lisa B. said...

Awesome tune and great're a star!! See you in Hollywood ;)

I jumped on your party train this week...just put my post up. I'll be round to see everyone in a bit.

Thanks for the fun T.!!

Darius T. Williams said...

I'm going to be all over AI7. Um, cute outfit. The girl can sang on the youtube clip- - but she didn't open her mouth all that much. I wonder why?

Ms. Bar B: said...

Man! I missed the auditions. I might have to still get all dressed up and stand outside the theater waiting for the janitor to come let me sneak back in like Fantasia =).

I think that outfit will definitely get you to Hollywood. Loving those earrings, btw.

fly tie said...

the boots are nice and the entire outfit plus earrings is on point. you'd be killin' 'em at auditions!

i'm not sure i've heard of alice smith before (although something's telling me i have), but that song sounds good.

Meka said...

go 'head and rock out!

I'll be sitting in the audience with my "You Go, Girl" banner!

High Desert Diva said... win!

Emily said...

Yep that outfit was super fly! I love that dress, and wish I could have it in my life! Anywho I also enjoyed your song pick. I think there's just something magical about one guitar, one voice intrumentation. . . .it's almost always my favorite. I'm gonna have to get download some Alice Smith.

Urban Adornments said...

Love the outfit you chose!! :o)

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