Saturday, August 28, 2010

Winner, winner, tempeh dinner

And the winner is...

Yael Rose is wearing Revlon Red: She thought you all should know this!

Despite the low participation numbers, this giveaway increased the NEW! shop's online following and exposure exponentially. Thanks lurkers, I love y'all too!

Starting over has been an interesting undertaking thus far. Gleaning what works, and what doesn't has really been eye-opening. I applaud anyone who dares to stand alone in any retail endeavor, online or otherwise because it truly is grueling work. I stand firmly by my decision to leave the community-type venue, even if I am standing in pretty worn out shoes, for the moment!

I think I'll post regular EOM stats of the journey, so I can look back on my meager start-up numbers and laugh most boisterously! That, and it's nice to see the growth as it happens. I often look back at my first designs and photos and marvel at the journey.

Peace and congratulations, Barbara.

1 comment:

Barbara said...

WhooHoo! So excited. Thank you ladies of Pretty in Peace. Fabulous nails Miss. Yael.

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