Thursday, August 12, 2010

CSN Stores: Reviews and Previews

A few months ago, I was given an amazing opportunity to test and review products offered at This online marketplace houses over 200+ stores replete with all of the higher end department store fixin's, sans the people.

Better still, the search feature doubles as a personal shopper! Shop by designer, brand, style, color, and the ever-popular, price range.

I ordered the Farberware Premium 10 piece cookware set in platinum. (shown left). They arrived within the specified time frame, the item was exactly as pictured and described, and the shipping was FREE! I absolutely love them. I know I'll be back to blogging about food again soon, now that I've scored this gorgeous set.

As a preferred blogger, I get to test and review items from time to time, perhaps offering a reader giveaway in the near future. The cogs are already spinning! As we upgrade to a less bulky bedroom set-up, I can now make room for the bedroom vanity I've always wanted. I think this one is really beautiful, how about you, which one do you like?

Peace and purse strings


mairedodd said...

that is a great cookware set - have fun with it! and the vanity is beautiful... so are your new pieces! how is the new selling venue?

shibori girl said...

What a great thing, to be able to review products. I'm holding out for a nice set of professional calphalons.

That vanity is scrumptious! So clean in line, delicate in design.


Yes, yes: How is the new venue doing? Your new pieces are beautiful.

fly tie said...

nice pots! i adore visually appealing kitchenware.

as far as the vanity, your chosen one was my immediate favorite. great color and finish.

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