Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Eep! She Vlogs

Well- almost, my camera came in the mail yesterday. Yeah, yeah I know I could have just taken a still shot of myself with the handy NEW! webcam, but I'm not completely ready to step from behind the lens just yet.

What gives? Well, for the next 14 weeks I will immerse myself in deaf culture and language-specifically ASL- as part of my anthropological studies. (Huh? Oh that...yes, that is a therapeutic cuff on my dominant hand, the Universe is funny that way.) I think- although everything is subject to change-I'm most interested in the experiences of differently-abled communities and cultures as a primary focus.

I know I haven't spoken much about my return to school- or much of anything lately as I've been busy marketing the Pretty in Peace rebranding project-but, the academic experience has been wholesome and rewarding, thus far. It all feels right, nothing is forced and the answers seem to nicely acquiesce with the questions. It's all been sort of an organic journey of understanding of the world around me. Just as every other program on every other channel or station seems to be talking, highlighting, stereotyping, dividing and boxing us by race, ethnicity, gender and ability, I'm on the sidelines armed with a book, a pen and an open determined mind. It's all pretty amazing, really.

And with that, I'm off to record my class introduction video.

Peace and understanding


Muffled Intellect said...

you stepping away from the keyboard and in front of the cam is huge. Progress at its best i guess. Vlog's are a better fit for you in my opinion, your humor and mannerisms get lost when you blog, but a cam will capture all of it,lol

mairedodd said...

this is very cool! am glad you are enjoying your studies... when em had anthro last year, we loved talking about it - people and their connectedness... humanity in its wholeness... differences due to necessity of climate, etc... not prejudice...

Kathy said...

Sounds like school is going well. I wouldn't mind taking some classes at some point when I actually have some time. A vlog would be awesome! Would love to hear the voice behind the lovely lady. :)

Emma's Mom said...

Excitement, excitement. That is a great area of focus. Reminds me of a class I took once called Fractured Bodies, where we got the opportunity to study different kinds of bodies, except we were coming from a sexuality perspective instead of a anthropological one.

Good luck friend.

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