Wednesday, November 18, 2009

xoxo, Tameka

Don't ask about the cookies, if I tell you...I'll have to kill you (unless you share).

The funny thing about humans...

Just when you think, that's it, I'm done a pox on all of 'em- the special ones make themselves visible. This impeccable timing is undeniable even for an aspiring misanthrope like me.

After my "Drunk, again" post, the beautiful humans weighed in; in the comments section, in e-mails, on the phone, on Facebook!, in person...and gratefully all in small well-timed spurts. Winks. They''ve all reminded me that without the occasional ugliness that is the human condition, I'd forget or otherwise overlook the beauty that exists in all of us, in all of you. Thanks, friends.

Peace and love


Jennifer said...

Cool :) Those cookies are lovely too!

mairedodd said...

what's the sisterhood for if not keeping us grounded and supported and loved?

Ms. Bar B: said...


High Desert Diva said...

....and the cookies look good, too.

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