Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pretty in Peace: Behind The Scenes

A few weeks ago Amy of Ponder & Stitch shop and blog invited us behind the scenes of her studio and product shoot. Morbidly curious voyeur that I am, I was thoroughly intrigued. In my excitement, I too agreed to share. So, if you dare...

Pretty in Peace
NEW! for Fall "Tari"available in 3 colors chocolate, sage and cream.

The Whisper Choker is back

Anandi is headed to a new home at Menagerie Boutique

And the not so pretty:
My favorite spot amidst some of my favorite books,

...and a dozen errant items.

1. Fabric covered compact mirror by April Cornell 2. October's Real Simple 3. Netflix movie I've had since May...okay, April 4 & 5. Billie Holiday and John Legend CDs 6. Random cat toy 7. Faux moss covered rocks 8. Earrings from Jibby & Juna 9. Necklace from Marcus Berkner 10. Cuff from Ponder & Stitch 11. Unfinished papier mache pods on coiled stems project 12. Shears

Peace and creative chaos (hush Joe!)


Glowbug Design said...

What pretty necklaces! I especially like that top one with the little ribbon. So cute!

PonderandStitch said...

Hahaha!!! Thank you for doing this! I especially love your stacks o' books...I have stacks like that all over the place. It just wouldn't feel right without 'em. haha

That first necklace is gorgeous, btw! Yay for a behind-the-scenes look!

Jennifer said...

Love your pieces! They are beautiful :) Your space looks perfect for having something warm to sip on and getting lost in being creative.

(BTW, Thanks for your sweet comments on Brooke's blog.)

PussDaddy said...

I like the ribbon one, too.


Annie Pazoo said...

These are GORGEOUS. Love them all, including the chaos.

mairedodd said...

that was great! i think i saw shel silverstein in amongst those books by your light source! i only shoot by windows too... your new pieces are wonderful... and i live by creative chaos - though it becomes exponentially more difficult when one of my cats falls asleep on the beads... how do they get comfortable on lumpy things?

Jewelry Rockstar said...

You don't want to see my behind the scenes mess. Just awful. Yours looks pretty organized. Love your jewelry style BTW.

dina said...

Lovely creations! Beautiful. And John Legend/Billie Holiday --- Wow... what a brilliant combination.

fly tie said...

i've always liked going behind the scene.

seeing as hoow i'm just getting in where i fit in at the current moment, my own scene is really nonexistent. and if it were it'd be a complete mess.

pretty new looks for Fall!

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