Wednesday, December 10, 2008

That's so cool!

This is my new favorite commercial! It has restored my waning faith in the tube's worth. I haven't seen a PSA for character building in a long time. Lucky for me-and moreover those with whom Favorite Guy and I have gifted chromosomes, "That's so gay" and other forms of hate and intolerance speech have not found their way into our home. We're kinda cool like that!

This is quite an ingenious tool for addressing the issues surrounding diversity, awareness and the power of words. If you know someone who needs a tact and tolerance refresher course, please share this message.



A Cuban In London said...

Well done. I don't like that expression either. As for the one with the 'n' word, as in 'What's up my n...!', the first and only time someone said to me (ex-colleague) the look in my eyes was electric enough to convey the message loud and clear. Never did it again.

Greetings from London.

MBB Founder and Editor Denene Millner said...

Nice. I'm going to show this to the 16-year-old. And Aaron McGruder.

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

I agree, this is a great psa. I have not seen it here but I really think that it needs to be shown all over the nation.

Darius T. Williams said...

As a gay...I approve this message - lol.

jenniferp said...

your blog is like the coolest.
loves it.
im totally going to follow your blog now!!!
and hey.
your felties are done and ready for you!
send me your email addy so i can send you an invite for the ol' bloggy!
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jennyp. :)

Mequet said...

Ha! I love that! I've already had the "that's so gay" talk with Bethany. Not because MY delightful progeny has used that phrase, but because someone else's not-so-delightful progeny used it around her and she had no idea what it was supposed to mean in that context. Too bad all parents aren't as awesome as us, huh Tameka? Haha!

Daisy said...

A perfect message in only 30 seconds!

Cecile/DreamCreateRepeat said...

more subtle than my lecture on the suicide rate of gay teens (wonder why with expressions like this)when I heard one of my then-teen's friends use the expression..... ; )

High Desert Diva said...


Ms. Bar B: said...

Gotta love it!! =)

shiborigirl said...

I LOVE this! And I'm so impressed with the values you've passed to your kids. I wish more families were so enlightened.

I was glad to read you had a good time at the show. And I agree with you that selling pieces in person is SO much better than trying to do it on line. A lot of information gets missed when all the people see is a photo.



Weith Kick said...

Was that a real commercial you saw on TV??? That's flippin' great! Commercials like that are especially needed in "conservative" Phoenix.

Jewelry Rockstar said...

Yeah I saw this one, who came up with this saying anyway, it really annoys me.

Angela said...

LOVE it.

This reminds me of the time I was in Stop and Shop listening to two stock boys tease a third employee, saying "That's so gay" over and over again, along "faggot."

I grabbed the friend I was shopping with, put my arm around her, and said, "Hey boys, I'm a faggot, and I'm speaking to your manager." Their jaws hit the floor.

Mr. Rush said...

How did you come accross this video? You always have some interesting things.

Scarlet said...

I love it...and I enjoyed popping in today. You have a beautiful blog. :)

casserole said...

I love those ads so much! There's a whole series of them, but I think this one is my favorite.

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