Sunday, December 21, 2008

Shutter Click & Chat 12/21

Excitedly rubs palms. I'm back! Well, almost...I still sound a tad Lily Tomlin-ish, sans snort. I'm also slow on the uptake from a germ hangover but, other than that, I'm ready to go. So let's go!

This year we are going Greek for the Christmas menu: taramosalata, kotopoulo fourno, spanakopita, moussaka and maronhinos! I'm born and raised (a whole 3 decades) in Astoria, Queens-home to the largest Greek populace in all of New York. I think I can pull this off! Stay tuned. (There's always the minutiae, like the fact that I live in AZ which isn't exactly the mecca of ethnic spice and grocers.) Let's not kill my happy haze, the Favorite Guy and I are on a mission as soon as the sun rises; Mapquest and shades, we're bringing Greece to Goodyear!

And now on to Shutter Click & Chat business- (Really quickly since I'm already all over the place. I'm beginning to experience some brain strain as far as topics are concerned, so if you guys have any ideas-throw them out there-it'd be most appreciated.)

My sweet Biju is always under the tree and up to no good. Edna takes her place atop this year's silver tree. Our makeshift mantel. Smiles and winks Charmaine. Some of the Christmas booty, the stuff in the polka dot kraft paper is mine, from the favorite guy. Yay! I shook them, smelled them and, fondled them shamelessly. My best guesses are; a book/magazine (Somerset Studio), butter cookies in a tin on top of something heavy in a box and, something really heavy in a rectangular box. A hammer?! Laughs.

The next time we meet for Shutter Click & Chat, it'll be our last round for 2008! We've got to go out with a bang-or just a really good shot! It's up to you, just make it awesome!

Shutter Click & Chat 12/28: Awesome! Show me something end of the year awesome!


High Desert Diva said...

Mmmmm....Greek food. You'll be posting pictures, I hope.

Edna looks very regal atop the tree.

Never doubted for a minute you would spell mantel correctly!

Glad you're back Lily!

fly tie said...

yes. greek food is divine.

i'm really not in the mood but your and high desert diva's holiday-ish pics inspire a little cheer in me.

A Cuban In London said...

First of all, nice to have you back.

Secondly, Lili Tomlin, dear, she's UNIQUE! So, no worries about sounding like her.

Thirdly, I loved you shutter composition today. It's great.

And last but not least, I look forward to your Greek Christmas menu.

Greetings from London.

Meka said...

Oh my goodness! Spanakopita. Moussaka! Stop, it, already, you're killing me. My BFF is Greek. My first time visiting her parent's house -- like nine OMG years ago-- was my first experience with Greek food. Can you imagine a 110 lb, 5'6" bean pole with a belly drooping over her belt? That was sooo me. I could have eaten myself to death and loved every moment of it.

Dammit, now you've made me want to take a Sunday trip to Niko Niko's, Houston finest Greek-and-American restaurant.

You've got a lovely Christmas setup. *Giggles at Bijou* I remember one Christmas as a wee one, spending the holiday at my aunt's house. My cousin and I couldn't contain ourselves. We shaked, sniffed, and, yes, we committed THE Cardinal Sin of Christmas. We PEEKED! But we didn't hide it well. When my aunt and uncle found out (it was pathetically obvious), guess what we ended up getting for Christmas. Nope, not even coal! :(

I've been trying to snap Holiday photos for the last two weeks; they all turn out crap! I'll try again today for SC&C.

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

OH, I love the peak inside the tea and honey bread abode. The decorations look divine and you have been shaking the presents? Clearly you are a big kid.

I am glad to hear that you are feeling better and I had Greek for Christmas one year. In South Africa. Long story short- my boyfriend's aunt was originally from NY, like us and Greek. Yummy and tasty food. If she could find it in South Africa I am sure you will be successful in AZ.

Small world!

Meka said...

Alright, here's my post:

Ms. Bar B: said...

Oh how I need a mantel, lol. I love all of your pics. Biju is too cute... being all mischievous. Loved the paper too.

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