Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I am back.

Every so often I need to retreat, relax and regroup before I take another step on the path of life. I haven't been totally idle, I've managed to piss a few people off, design some new pieces of jewelry for Pretty in Peace and begin some home projects.
As for pissing people off...I don't know what is so annoying, intimidating, threatening or irksome about the musings of an intelligent black woman, but let me just tell you how feathers get quite a-fluff 'round the interwebs when I make sense. Apparently it isn't what you know or who you know for that matter, but who it is that knows. Gotta love this country, yes?

Pretty in Peace is doing remarkably well, the recession hasn't hurt me, really. Of course it isn't like I'm selling blood diamonds or cars so it shouldn't, but the propaganda has folks preparing for something just shy of the Apocalypse. I've spent my entire existence in a recession, so I don't see myself making any drastic cuts to the budget. That being said continue to stop in and peruse. There are new delights almost daily!
On the home front, yellow...yes yellow. I am redoing the dining area in yellow. Reupholstering the chairs, replacing the decorative plates and table linens to correspond with yellow! Yellow reminds me of tutoring my little brother and his insistence that yellow was spelled Jello? I guess that was the thought process...Damn you Bill Cosby! I am proud to say that he is all grown-up and Bill has failed to hinder his lot in life. I'm not sure why I chose yellow when most of the house is muted hues of blues and greens with wood accents and a world art motif, but I'm up for the challenge! Stay tuned for pictures.

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