Thursday, March 13, 2008

ACEOs IV: Amnesia and Anju

This is Anju. I am in love with this kitten. Truly, of all the pets that I've had Anju is the best. He is still kinda awkward and definitely overweight, but aren't all of the lovable ones?
I began collecting ACEOs at the beginning of the year. They are a way to build an art collection that speaks of all of my varied styles and interests without going broke. I presently buy all of my ACEOs from Etsy where I sell my jewelry.
This piece Amnesia, by community member Jennifer Mulcahy is my tribute to "Fats, the Lovecat" or Anju as the masses know him. It is a brilliant photo montage. Please see her other uber-creative works in her Etsy shop,

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