Saturday, August 4, 2007

stretches yawns rubs eyes Wow, I've been so busy lately...I guess. Let's see Thursday we took our anniversary photos. The first professional portraits we've taken since we were married. My initial thought was, "How sad" but in retrospect, and this is not meant to take anything away from the wonderful memories we've made during this journey-this year is one that deserves preservation. Asks self, "If you had it to do all over again would you?" Answers self, "Nope. Can't I just stay in this moment?"

I'm pleased with the photos we selected. You know how they take a bazillion frames?! I was so tempted to buy all of them, well except the soap opera shots which were hard enough to take. There's something about dreamily looking into Joe's eyes that seems disingenuous. Not that we aren't loving and affectionate, but generally not with an audience and definitely not on demand like show ponies! All in all though, it was a pleasant experience and I'm looking forward to picking up the photos on the 14th.

Other than that the last 4 days have been pretty uneventful, just pretty relaxed and we're looking forward to the next set of adventures.

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