Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I had an amazingly productive day today...a manic episode, perhaps? Well, atleast I don't have any money to spend frivolously and well, sexual deviance has never been my thing! I did however produce some awesome autumn inspired gift tags and a beautiful picture frame for my Etsy shop.

I had almost given up last week; on my Etsy venture... The method to the madness as I see it is, this is the first time in a really long time that I have went out on a limb and put myself out there at the mercy of the public. Particularly in an arena that I do not own. Now, had this been about spelling or metaphysics, foreign language or philosophy, no worries. I've always had an affinity for art/craft, but it is also an area where there are no right/wrong answers/outcomes, you only know that you're successful at it if, goes on faith. That, I just don't have a comfortable grasp on, but I'm getting closer. Truth is, this blog, Etsy, quitting my job, exclusively homeschooling my children, depending on my husband financially is all NEW! to me-and I kind of like it. I feel liberated and unafraid and confident and in many ways victorious. It is a win for me to have even ventured this far beyond my confort zone, no matter the outcome.

As for other plans on the horizon. I've just placed an order for some super cool funky beads and findings for Pretty In Peace (my jewelry line). My initial plan was to launch September 1, but I'm feeling a bit half-cocked in that my "store" design isn't ready and I don't know how I feel about diving in and testing the waters after the fact. On one hand I'm all for quality product even if the presentation isn't superior, but on the other hand I'm a presentation whore. Come on I had my daughter blow her birthday candles out twice to get the right scrapbook shot-need I say more. Perhaps, I should focus on being less pretentious? Yeah. Perhaps another time-I'm already maxed on self improvement for this lifetime.

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