Monday, August 13, 2007

Feels around on scalp for "off" switch.

Well, so much for sleep. I'm thoroughly bothered by some recent events in the business lives of Joe and I. I tried to put it to rest over pizza this afternoon, but it just keeps resurfacing. A few years ago we started up an indie label with a mission statement consisting of 6 core principles. They are art,music,culture,faith,life and love. Joseph and I are right brained liberal non conformist types who relish in anything grey. Well, it doesn't get much greyer than art,music,culture,faith, life and love. You can ask anyone at any given time on any given section of the planet and you will undoubtedly get responses as diverse as the participants. Along the way we've crossed paths with some who've developed their own rather strident interpretation of our label's core principles, go figure. Just as an aside it is 1:30 am and Joseph is asleep. He has no idea that I am writing this, but I might add that while he may not always agree he doesn't ever censor my views or otherwise infringe upon my rights as an artist. We have recently signed a rather talented artist from across the globe who has by way of visual art brought to light the global issues of poverty and homelessness. The audio expression is without words and therefore left completely to the listener for its full interpretation. The title of the song contains the ubiquitous F word. Can you spell backlash?! We have received some not so nice unsolicited feedback from former label supporters and it is rather disheartening. I guess the part that is most troublesome is the premise of bellowing over what you believe our core principles are or were. There was never a claim to be affiliated with any specific race, religion or culture but that we were committed to all art, music, culture, faith, life and love. I may be biased as I am rather skilled in the use of the F word and as I'd like to think many other words. (I thoroughly enjoyed the Electric Company and Sesame Street as a child) Sadly enough, on both sides words have caused a great deal of distress.
For me, words are merely words until intent is taken into context. I fondly recall our youngest child calling me a "spaghetti". Yeah, she said "You spaghetti!" But, with such intensity that she may has well have called me the B word. And, I reprimanded her as though she had based solely on the intent. We did not stop preparing spaghetti nor did we ban it from household use, it is not the S word in the Mercado home and as far as I know no one has been flogged or jailed for its use in the free world. To that, our oldest child is a budding wordsmith and has at his disposal an arsenal of words; both urban and esoteric, that are all allowed when used in the appropriate context. Am I insane, have I got it all wrong? I'd like to think not, but that is just my opinion. One I respectfully never attempt to force on others.
I'm hopeful that we can get past the issue of the song's title with minimal strife and moreover I'd like to be removed from the fishbowl of cynicism as we've never offered any more insight into our complex ideologies than the 6 words in our mission statement. Six words that are apparently as interpretive as the word christianity and those casting stones while under its thin veil.
I've never quite understood the misconception that art is only art if you like it. That music is only music if it makes you dance. That cultures other than your own lack sense, substance or necessity. That Christianity is the only faith. That there is any one clear cut directive for a meaningful, purpose-filled life. That people/things of whom/which you cannot understand are not equally deserving of acceptance and love. Perhaps, I will never understand because I am agnostic: a=without, gnosis=knowledge. Which as I've recently discovered is also subject to vast mis-interpretation.
Today's blog was brought to you by the letter "A" and the words art and acceptance, assholes! laughs....(Seriously I had to throw that in or it just wouldn't be me). Have a good day all.

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