Friday, August 24, 2007

Slowly enters...Hello All, it is me, Slacker the Blogger! I have been busy dreaming up a bunch of stuff to be busy doing, if that makes any sense at all. And today, I am deathly ill, but in true female fashion I must succumb to the gluttonous masochistic need to spread myself thinner!
Let's see what's been happening? I love love love my husband and he loves loves loves me. No particular reason, we've just been meshing well lately and that's a good thing cause when we aren't, "Watch it buddy!" We've kicked off the homeschool year, "Ok". A few "I'm stuck in dumb mode from summer vacation" episodes but overall a fairly successful launch. Each day I feel more confident with the decision I've made to cut back and stay home with my children. They're each such promising individuals that I couldn't see leaving the molding of these ever important years to anyone other than their neurotic mother. Truly, I lack the necessary tools to function in a room of more than 5 people but between these ears is a vast amount of wisdom and knowledge, and some of it is even useful. Turns to Jordan and asks if I'm "the best thing since sliced bread", he replies "When was sliced bread invented? As he looks toward the bread basket. Have you ever watched the cartoon Bobby's World? He's a lot like that, it's pretty cute. Trust that these pubescent years are not easy so I seize every opportunity to look at him and actually think he's cute!
I've been blog perusing lately and I think I'm going to step my blog game up a bit. I had initially tip-toed on the scene; apprehensive of airing to much dirty laundry. Looks over at time on microwave to see if it's 9:00 that's off-peak when it is less costly to wash clothes. I could surely benefit from adding photos for a number of reasons, but namely because they liven things up. I should add that I totally suck at taking photos. I don't know what it is. I enjoy taking them and have lots of them on display throughout our home, but I'm just not very good at it. So this will be good for me. I'll get past some of my perfection paralysis, liven up my blog and hopefully get better at taking photos. In true OCD fashion I'll launch this lovely upgrade on or around the 2nd of September, because it is a Sunday and it is the beginning of the month. I seem to find luck in doing things that way. That will also be the official launch date for Pretty In Peace on etsy; my jewelry and original art line. The items at the base of this blog are my therapeutic craft items, but from time to time I come up with ideas that expand beyond craft in depth and those will be sold at Pretty In Peace. As with all things Tameka, there's no specific reason for it, I'm headed in no particular direction with it. You ask why and I say, "Why not"? Til Tuesday...

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