Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More Summer Fun

The Mercado Family is still burning the midnight oil! Our label, Next Dimension Music celebrated it's 4th year in existence last Saturday at a quaint roof-top venue in Phoenix. Below is a photo montage of some of the evening's highlights. There's chalk art graffiti, tribal dancing, a rare shot of my ink and the best part, an absolutely gorgeous medley of people from all over the globe under one sweltering night sky, entranced by my Favorite Guy, Joseph's talent. It's been over twenty years since we met on the dance floor and I'm still his biggest fan! Swoons and twirls.

Did I mention Joseph is now officially a member of the elite "Club Quadragenarian"? What a pity, I've yet to qualify. Snickers. He did however enjoy this caramel almond and vanilla bean ice cream topped brownie and a kiss as a proper send off.

I hope all of my blog friends are enjoying magical summers, as well!

-Peace and music


Jennifer said...

So glad you popped your head in, I was about to go looking for you :)

Congrats on both the anniversary and birthday! My computer is being weird so I'll have to check out the video later, can't wait!

nicaeli said...

Looks like you all had a great time! What a fun night:)

ajgallion said...

Congrats! Loved the video. It's great to celebrate the talents within our families!

High Desert Diva said...

Looks like a really fun night!

Congrats on the 4th year of biz!

and Happy belated Birthday to Joe!

(love the tattoo)

fly tie said...

oooh...nice video.

ooooh....rooftop venue.

congrats! :-D

(welcome to twitterdom. i know i'll be ever so glad to read your tweets.)

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