Tuesday, February 12, 2008

So, I coincidentally tuned into the 50th annual Grammy awards while Kanye West was performing two his favorite songs of mine. His performance of Stronger complete with fluorescent lighting and the two beat machine playing technophiles is what separates Kanye from the masses. It isn't often that I speak of what this society deems celebrities, because my personal feel is that celebrity is an affliction-but Kanye is an artist and he should be respected as such. He lives beyond the boundary is his art, and in his life, and that is okay. Atleast it is okaty with me, "Go on Kanye"!
Stronger was followed by his ode to his mom. It was heart warming and heart wrenching at once. As a mother, it is surreal to make such a huge impact on another human being, as surreal as it is tragic to leave them behind. You almost wonder if being so good cuts your time short, I mean after all, our time spent here is a lesson of sorts, yes? He performed beautifully with just the right amount of strength and sensistivity, he delivered. I know his mom is proud. Hugs to the West family.
Barack Obama won a Grammy! That is pretty cool, huh? I should be nominated for talking shit, I can totally talk some shit on a good day. Make no mistake, Barack is an incredible public speaker and I wish I had an in to vote for him in the Grammy's as I will not be voting for him or anyone else in this election. Without hijacking a lighthearted take on the Grammy's, I will say that I am a philosophical anarchist and I will elaborate on my stance more as the election nears. I do not vote, I will not vote, nor have I ever voted. Pretty interesting tidbit about me.
Alicia Keys and John Mayer's performance was to die for, two progressive young artists whom I happen to have a great deal of admiration. Beyonce and Tina Turner....aaaah Beyonce and Tina, well they had fun. All in all the gospel medley was my favorite part second to Kanye...I've decided in all of my atheistic glory to burn some gospel tunes for my morning walk. You Brought the Sunshine has got to be one of my all time favorite gospel songs, and while I believe the sunshine is a combination of preexisting gas, elemental and chemical reactions-that song charges my carbon based body.

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