Thursday, February 14, 2008

Have I mentioned my Anju? Anju is the subject my PC adoption story. No, I didn't travel to some exotic land, didn't pick him out of a catalog and believe it or not, I don't take him on shopping trips. Anju is a rescue kitten.
Sometime in November between the lack of sunlight and Jordan's upcoming 16th birthday, I started getting all...well sensitive and mushy and maternal. So while lying in bed I turn to the favorite guy and say "Mercs, I need two kittens." He nods his head, "Yes", prematurely and then the reality of 2 kittens sets in and he exclaims, "Two!". I go on to tell him how we have more than enough space for 2 kittens and since I'd be adopting them it wouldn't be costly blah blah blah. As with most of my late night requests, proclamations and epiphanies, Joe wakes up refreshed and with a clear, as in erased mind.
Forward a few days and there in the FREE! West Valley View newspaper is an ad for FREE! kittens to a good home. The good home part caught my eye and well y'know the FREE! part captured the husband's heart. So, I call the number and a woman answers. I inquire about the kittens and she starts to describe them, she says 2 were already adopted since the ad premiered! I tell her to hang on to the solid grey one for me and I'm on my way. Joe grunts for a while, I think he may have sulked and stomped as well, but nevertheless, I won.
We pile in the car and head to Phoenix. I've been here for 4 years, but I'm totally uninterested in the areas that aren't designated photo opportuinities and/or shopping. I have no clue where this place is. I give Joe the address and he makes the fasten your seatbelts, turn your stones in and lock the doors face. Whatever man, I want some kittens. We arrive and just as my mind's eye painted, it's a wear worn home, with a bazillion pets and a little lady who smokes entirely too many cigarettes. I am a snob. Let's just get this out of the way now. So my immediate thought is these kittens have to be super young because she's a lot more living quarters liberal than I am. Jordan, he is his father's son. He enters and sits on the sofa, and all the way back too-back and head pressed firmly into the cushion. I turn to him and with the church smile say "My, Jordan you're awfully comfortable, have you been here before?" This is Tameka, for get your head off the nice cat lady's sofa. Yael is all about it, she and I are each balancing our coccyx at the very tip of the cat lady's couch.
She coughs a bit and searches for the kittens, there are 18 in all. Right, yikes! She brings the little grey one out and one eye is sealed with gunk and it's super tiny, but adorable. She needed more time with her mom and we were just about to arrange an appointment to come back in a week or so when she'd be ready. I look over and Jordan has been petting this sweet tabby the whole time. So muchy mom that I am I say well, this one likes us so we'll take him too. She agrees to giving us the younger kitten as, well since she would be with a familiar house mate. It's in the stars. the husband shakes her hand and much like a drug transaction hands her some money for the kitties and we head home...
Please be advised the good IT folks at blogger are working on fixing spell-check. Please bear with me, I'm really dying inside worrying that I have embarassing typos in my posting.

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