Thursday, March 15, 2012

This week at The Hive

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pineapple propagation, a NEW! watering can, a NEW! project, my desk

"Every day is a winding road, I get a little bit closer to feeling fine".
-Sheryl Crow

Things have been looking up around here! The garden's in full swing, my starting over space is beginning to come together and say, Tameka dwells here! And, NEW! projects are drawing me out of the bedroom and back at my desk. Well, the projects and some not so subtle prompting from Yael Rose who reminded me that I've been [not quite] "living" in my bed for over a year now. Gulp, gasp, fish eyes. That being said, I'm pushing myself to spend more time upright and active.

I've mentioned my container gardening adventures in an earlier post, yes? I absolutely love it, but it can and has gotten rather costly, so these days I've began (or is it "begun", hmm?) looking at cheaper alternatives, like propagating stems and cuttings from existing plants. I saw a video on pineapple propagation on Youtube and with pineapples at .97 each at the local indie grocer's (subtle buy local plug there), it was a win-win. I'll post more pics and updates as it progresses.

In other news:

A few weeks ago, Barbara, of Chasing Metamorphosis invited me to partake in a snail mail journaling project which has led to a renewed excitement in all things paper and prose. The possibilities for a blank page are endless and the timing could not be better as I am in so many ways turning a new page in life as well. I have since started to dig out ideas and ephemera and will begin putting it all down for posterity over the next few days.

So, that's what I have going on here at The Hive; what have you all been up to recently?

Peace and projects


Victoria said...

I'm doing some catching up here. Your ability to see light it otherwise seemingly dark corners is inspiring. Wishing you much happiness on your new journeys. Keep going girl!

knitsteel said...

I tried to propagate rose bushes by cutting once. It was a dismal failure for me. Still, you're inspiring me to look it up and try again. I think I'll skip the expert advice and just go by instinct this time.

Jill said...

I'm happy to hear that things are looking up for you. What better way to see new beginnings and hope than in gardening, especially propagating your own pineapple?! I never would have thought of such a thing!

beth hemmila of hint jewelry said...

So good to hear you're seeing the seeds of projects start! Love this pineapple propagation idea. Can't wait to see what's happening. Your post has me wanting to step out of hibernation mode too :) xoxo Beth

JuLiE_MaX said...

Inspiring! Thank you.

Jewelryrockstar said...

Well, let's see...lost my dad (you already know that), his sons (supposedly my brothers) have been horrible to me, been talking with a long lost sister getting evicted because landlord hasn't been paying his mortgage and the Protecting tenants law doesn't apply to me since I negotiated my deposit with him in exchange for February's rent (long story about bullies to be told), IRS issues, and I am still smiling in between getting very very angry and crying a lot.

Making new designs and discovered that my words really really matter. Went to SXSW it was exhilarating and worth the money I spent. Thinking about blogher now. Got about 4 books in the cooker. I guess that's all.

I really couldn't imagine writing with pen and paper anymore. I need to write one thank you note by snail mail, but I just realized that I have that person's email YiPPEEE, off to make a nice e-card! LOLOL.

T.Allen said...

Victoria- It has not been easy, but nothing worth it ever is!

Kirsten- I am hoping to be successful as my previous Ti plant adventure was anything but! :)

Jill-Thanks for your prayers and for stopping in from time to time. I'd have never thought of pineapple propagation either, but aaah the wonders of the web. xox

Jewels-Many thanks, lovely lady!

Brooke-I am sending healing hugs and strength across the miles, as I told Victoria, it isn't easy...

Much love to all of you, thanks for hanging in there when I left you hanging.

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