Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Scintilla Project: Day One

Who are you? Come out from behind that curtain and show yourself.

Who am I?
I saw this prompt and wanted to run...

One year and two months ago in the blink of a mascara-caked lash and a lustful, wandering eye, my life's story and much of my identity were leveled; one match, one wind in the woods out west. I am humble.

Several months I lay on two tear-stained pillows--stationary, on one half of a bed once shared. I am wounded.

One psychiatric ER visit and five prescriptions later, I am unwell.

Friends-- few but dear, share warmth and well-wishes in words and offerings. I am loved.

A trip, a glossed lip, a feigned--albeit well-executed, self-assured sway of the hip, no slip. Laughs coyly. I am back.

Two children in tow, sans one spouse, one half of a hyphenated name, two thousand fewer square feet, and two months later. I am here.

Two strong arms, two brown eyes, one great smile, a loyal, golden heart, one marvelous man. I am ready.

I saw this post and wanted to run, I am not a runner. I am a writer, and this is where my story begins...again.

Who are you? Come out from behind that curtain and show yourself.

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Noel said...

I LOVE this post! All of the little details tell your story so well. Bravo to you -- you are clearly also a warrior.

helen said...

i'm so happy to "see you" again. sending giant hugs your way xo

KristinaBrooke said...

Ah, there she is! SO glad you found your voice and are able to share it with us! Welcome back Version2.0!

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