Monday, November 14, 2011

Another day, another year

When I wrote this post just a few years ago, this post was a hard blink. Y'know the the blink? You do it when you hear of someone else's misfortune; a blink hard enough to will yourself invisible with hopes a similar fate doesn't befall you. These blinks can sometimes be accompanied by brisk shaking of the head to clear your mental slate of the tragic thought.

November 14, 1988 was the day it all began for Joe and I, it was the official start of our courtship. These days however, it rivals for attention on the calendar between dates like the day he moved out, the day I found out about her, his days with the children and ultimately, our day in court.

I shed a few tears of frustration moments past midnight as the "am" light on my iPod dock turned red, the date changed and I realized that today was another one of the things I forgot to grieve. There are just so many of them, those entanglements of together that I must sort through to re-establish healthy ties in a life apart. I'm ambling through a minefield of memories that woefully still have enough force to burst right through the sunshine of days' new.

"Another day, another year", I tell myself. Time is a great healer.

Peace and time


mairedodd said...

indeed it is... but try to remember your dates of dignity and strength... days you did things that you never dreamed you could... and there will be more of those for you - as you are mighty...

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what to say because for some reason, "sorry" doesn't seem appropriate. My heart aches for you. Your husband will realize one day how he screwed up. Karma is a bitch.

Ra-him said...

i admire you greatly:-)

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