Thursday, July 15, 2010

In with the new...

... and out with the old.
Shown above: "Rosa" drops, "Bella" ring

Where were we? much has been happening, I'm losing track of it all. Since I last posted, I've turned 37 years old, scored an insane deal on my favorite Gap jeans and made some tough albeit necessary decisions regarding Pretty in Peace on Etsy, among other things.

As I alluded to earlier, my artistic focus has changed. Evolved, shifted, grown? It's all semantics really, but what I do know is the urge to purge and begin again has been powerful. The designs that I've created since starting my 40 Day Design Challenge are different. (And, not currently available for viewing due to the death of my hard drive, but coming soon to a new venue.) The designs in the works are different too, so it seemed a natural progression that I reevaluate my business model and make a more cohesive whole.

And, I'm telling you this, why? Well, all of my Etsy inventory, current as well as some in-stock classics that I've re-listed have been reduced to just $12 per item. If you've had your eye on something, head on over and make it yours before it's gone forever. I've decided to discontinue all of the featured designs and focus on re-branding. Your purchases will go towards a bulk of the marketing expenses entailed with the rebirth of Pretty in Peace. As always, thanks for your continued support.

Peace and growth


Kwana said...

Beautiful designs and Happy Birthday!!

Mama C said...

Excited for all your shifts and dedication to making it happen! INSPIRED!

Emma's Mom said...

Looking forward to seeing the new pieces and your new style =)

fly tie said...

a natural progression. that's exactly what it is. must be something in the air. time for newness! a new way. approach. vision. etc.

i'm happy for you and look forward to it all. :-)

shibori girl said...

I envy your ability to "purge" your Etsy shop. I have PAGES of things over there that simply don't reflect my style anymore. So much work and time went into each piece. The thought of knocking prices back physically hurts, but I know it must be done.

Good luck with the sale, and thanks for the nice comment on my post today. :)


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