Friday, June 25, 2010


Another hard drive bites the dust. I gotta tell you, this is a mixed media artist, blogger turned photographer by default disaster...and even more disastrous for the mixed media artist, blogger turned photographer by default, who was already deep in the throes of an absolutely sucktastic summer! What the hell, Universe? This is simply inhumane. As I type this, part of me wonders if I should treat myself to a Lobotomy for Dummies book for my blogoversary, the only thing stopping me from googling such a book is the unlikelihood that there is such a book. Quel horreur!

On the slightly more luminous side-very slightly-my blogoversary and 37th birthday are quickly approaching and I can look forward to starting anew. Which I absolutely loathe, but it sounded good for the moment. In truth, from an organizational perspective chronicling my 37th year of life in photos and prose in a virginal location in cyberspace is quite nice, ideal even-but the whole abrupt ending without my knowledge or consent part is um...yeah, pretty shitty.

I don't know Universe, you're testing the loosely held levees of my sanity-comical as it may be at times, you wouldn't like me when I'm crazy. Meh, I'm off to bake's still too early for beer.
Have a fabulous weekend for me, will ya?

Um...I said Peace, please


3pieceonline said...

Is there no way to save it? Did you try geek squad to at least pull your info to place on an external? I am very sorry as another blogger turned photographer who lost a hard drive with 3 years of data last year it really sucks but luckily at year 1.5 I bought an external so I had some of it.

Hope the cupcakes turned out delicious.


Emma's Mom said...

*In Martin Lawrence vioce* Ahh damn, I say ahh damn! That really sucks. I hope that you are able to recover at least some, if not all of your memories and momentos. But yay for having celebrations to look forward to.

Shannon said...

o NOOOOOOO!!! I've been there and it is HORRIBLE! Just horrible! I hope you can recover the things that are most important to you. Wishing you luck!

Kathy said...

That is so not cool. So sorry. Hope the cupcakes were good. :)

Gerushia's New World said...

When in doubt, make cupcakes!!

But really, Ohhhh how I loathe computers, yet they are vital to us, as artists, aren't they? I wish you all good luck!!

Gerushia's New World

Beverly said...

Sorry about your hard drive. Hope your cupcakes were good. And, it is never ever too early for beer :)

Tiara Faith said...

"It's never too early for beer," says the hard up for alcohol pregnant woman. Sorry about your hard drive - if this is the customer service rep that was the subject of your MOH post, let me be the first to validate your emotion. I despise tech problems.

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