Friday, December 11, 2009

Before Santa arrives...

Original collage by Elena Mary-available on Etsy .

I need a reprieve, again. Somehow I'm not looking forward to Christmas this year. Frowns. Something is missing, so we're going up north sans outsiders and distractions, ringing phones and obligation to find it. Yes, we are headed north to do absolutely nothing but look at each other, talk to each other and reconnect. We're going on a love junket before Santa arrives.

Peace and love


High Desert Diva said...

Sounds perfect.

Kathy said...

Sweet and good for you. It's probably exactly what you need.

mairedodd said...

right there with you... i am feeling so overwhelmed by the commercialism and feeling that xmas is a deadline rather than a special day... so very glad that you are with people on board with that and are needing to decompress with you... enjoy yourself... i will send you all kinds of positive and calming energy... perhaps you could share some of those awesome photos you take of beautiful places so i can live vicariously thru you?

Gerushia's New World said...

Oh, that sounds like my kind of Christmas. I'm not a big winter girl anyway, and the holidays always leave me feeling a bit blue. They're so overwhelming and it's so easy to lose connection with your own comings and goings.

Enjoy your time away
Gerushia's New World
Musty Boxes Ephemera
Fellow Unschooler

kia said...

Have a great sabbatical with your loved ones.

fly tie said...

sounds like a needed intervention. stay warm!

PussDaddy said...

I love the collage. Have fun on your trip. We won't tell anyone that your family is really a group of Santa elves.


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