Monday, April 2, 2012

The Scintilla Project: Day Nine

The excuse: I have been, uh...shall we say, feeling not so scintillating--us writerly folk get that way from time to time, and time and again. Anyway a week late, but still awesome and without further ado. 
The prompt: Write a list of 23. (23 things to do, 23 people you owe apologies to, 23 books you've lied about reading, 23 things you can see from where you're sitting, 23 ten-word hooks for stories you want to tell....)

Twenty three terrific things about right now, before the feeling subsides

1. Colombian coffee
2. Gardening
3. 5 sleeping cats, yes five of 'em.
4. 2 great young people
5. A hot shower 
6. Patchouli body oil
8. Conversation
9. Hearty laughter
10. Fresh laundry
11. Biochemistry (Some day I'll be done, so let's count it now.)
12. Too many cookies
13. A new dress
14. Michael Cotto
15. A long walk
16. A soft wind
17. A rabbit!
18. Bad television
19. Diet Coke
20. My younger sister
21. Party planning
22. More coffee
23. Yoga 

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